LZ Type column-pin coupling

LZ china coupling LZ coupling

LZ type column-pin coupling USE:

LZ type column-pin coupling USE:LZ type column-pin coupling is a column-pin made of a number of non-metallic materials, which is placed in the coupling hole between the two semi-couplings and the inner surface of the outer ring. The coupling of the two semi-couplings is realized by transferring torque through the column-pin.

LZ type pin coupling has the following characteristics:

(1) large transfer torque, in the same torque when the rotary diameter is smaller than most of the gear coupling, small volume, light weight, can partially replace the gear coupling.
(2) compared with the gear type coupling, LZ type column-pin coupling has simple structure, fewer components, and is more convenient to manufacture, without the use of gear processing machine tool.
(3) easy maintenance, long service life, remove the baffle plate can be replaced by nylon pin.
(4) nylon column pin is self-moistening material without lubrication, which not only saves lubricating oil, but also purifies the working environment.

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