coupling types and classification

Coupling is a lot of more phyletic classification: (1) fixed coupling.Mainly used in the two axis in a strict and not relative displacement takes place in the work, are simple structure, easy manufacturing, and instantaneous speed is the same, two axis are mainly flange coupling, coupling sleeve coupling, clip shell, etc.(2) portable coupling.Mainly used in the two axis deflection or have relative displacement in the work place, according to the method to compensate the displacement and can be divided into rigid portable coupling and flexible movable type coupling.Portable rigidity coupling using a dynamic connection between the working parts of the coupling has a certain direction or some activity for the future to compensation, such as tooth coupling (allows the axial displacement), cross grooved coupling (used to join two axis parallel displacement or angular displacement is very small), universal shaft coupling (for two axis with oblique Angle or at work have larger angular displacement), gear coupling comprehensive displacement (allow), chain coupling (radial displacement is allowed), portable elastic coupling (hereinafter referred to as elastic coupling) USES the elastic deformation of elastic element to compensate for two axis deflection and displacement of elastic element at the same time also has a cushioning and vibration damping performance, such as snake-like spring coupling, radial multi-layer plate spring coupling, flexible pin coupling, nylon pin coupling, rubber sleeve coupling, etc.Some coupling has been standardized.When the choice should be first selected suitable type according to work requirements, and then calculated according to the diameter of the shaft torque and rotational speed, to find out from the manual applicable model, finally make necessary calculation for some key parts.

Including ball cage universal couplings and cone bowl of spring coupling SWP, SWC type cross shaft universal coupling cross 94) package, straightening machine with cross shaft universal coupling (JB/T7846.2-95), spring pipe couplings WS, WSD universal couplings of cross shaft type (JB/T5901-91), the WSH type slide bearing the cross shaft universal coupling, ML type membrane coupling (SJ2127-82), the integral SWZ bearing the cross shaft universal coupling, 93.
Coupling belong to the category of machinery general parts, used to connect the two different organizations shaft (driving shaft and driven shaft to rotate to common transmission torque of mechanical parts.The overloaded power transmission at high speed, some coupling and buffer, vibration and enhance the role of shaft system dynamic performance.Coupling consists of two parts, respectively, and the driving shaft and driven shaft connection.Most general engine by means of coupling machine connected with the job, is the most commonly used mechanical products shaft transmission connection parts.Late 20th century coupling product development at home and abroad soon, how in product design from the many varieties, the performance of various coupling selection can satisfy the requirement of the machine in the coupling, for most designers speaking, is always a problem.Common coupling with diaphragm coupling, coupling, plum coupling, slide block coupling, drum gear coupling, universal coupling, safety couplings, flexible coupling and snake-like spring coupling.