Grid Coupling (JS Type)

Grid Coupling (JS Type)

Grid coupling is a advanced structural coupling of metal flexible coupling,which depend on two and a half snake spring embedded within the alveolar coupling to transfer torque,mainly by the two half-coupling,two half-housings,two seals and serpentine springs slices.

*Working principle and using life
Grid coupling to the axial coupling of the alveolar embedded within two and a half to realize driving shaft and driven shaft of the connection.Running depends on the original fixed-side tooth face of the circumferential spring force driving the driven-side transmission torque,so the phthalate extent to avoid the resonance phenomenon,and the reed in the transmission torque generated when the elastic deformaton,so that the mechanical system to obtain better vibration reduction,the average damping rate of36%.Serpentine spring high quality spring steel,by the strict processing,handling,good mechanical properties,so that the life of the coupling ratio of non-metallic flexible element coupling increases exponentially.

*Transfer efficiency,starting safety
Transmission efficiency is 99.47%,the short-term overload capacity of twice the rated torque,safe and reliable operation.

*Simple structure,easy disassembly
Small parts,small size,light weight,snake spring to be made up of two or three or more members,so that disassembly,maintenance is more convenient than other couplings.

*JS Type Grid Coupling Sturcture type,the basic parameters and main dimensions

Grid Coupling Size Grid Coupling size 1 Grid Coupling ChinaSize 2